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This community is dedicated to chinese celebs.
Share information about chinese celebs, chinese series, movies, music etc, everything that are related to chinese celebs are allowed here.
Feel free to post pictures, but if it's large images it has to be behind a lj-cut.

Post your graphics, icons blends etc, that you want to share with the members.
Graphics requests is not allowed, but if someone is willing to make it, to take requests feel free to do that!

The rules for graphics sharing are following:
- It has to be something with chinese celebs.
- More then 3 images has to be behind a LJ-cut.
- Respect the graphic makers rules, comment and credit. Be polite.

If you want, feel free to introduce yourself to the members, what you like or what chinese celebs you like.
Illegal material, such as movie files isn't allowed here.
Respect other members and their opinion, no bashing, harassment or flaming discusses are allowed.
Type in english so everyone can understand, but if you want to type in chinese, you have to have a translation in english.
We want this to be a nice place to discuss, right? :)
Other then that, just post, discuss and have fun!

All commercial and sale are not allowed!

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